What do I do?

  • I EXCLUSIVELY install child restraints.
  • I will educate you in the correct use of your product.
    ALL installations receive FULL operational instruction.
  • I will ISSUE you with a certificate of compliance.
  • I offer a consultation service to assist you in choosing the RIGHT restraint for your child.
  • I offer a consultation service to assist you to establish whether or not MULTIPLE child restraints will work in your vehicle.
  • I am ACCREDITED by Australian Child Restraints Resource Initiative (ACRI)
    – for verification please visit www.acri.com.au
  • I am fully up to date with current state and federal laws and requirements as well as new product developments.  I achieve this through regular attendance to training sessions and continual revision of manufacturer’s instruction booklets.
    This ensures CORRECT installation and advice.
  • I offer an HONEST, COURTEOUS and PUNCTUAL service.