About Pete

Where did I train?

My training was conducted by Rob Newman at Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI) approximately 9 years ago – Rob has over 25 years in the industry. Further to this, ‘on the job’ training was then undertaken at Baby Bunting with Arron Conroy, Managing Director of Baby on Board. I am still closely affiliated with Baby on Board and Baby Bunting and I can be seen regularly helping out at Melbourne stores.

Why do I do it?

As a Father of 4, I have been installing child restraints for almost 13 years – Professionally for 9 years.
I am extremely passionate about what I do as approximately 80% of child restraints are installed incorrectly. Sadly I see this on a daily basis. It gives me immense personal satisfaction to make a difference in someone’s life, especially as the cargo is so precious. This industry I choose to work in is wrought with misuse… however I genuinely feel as though I make a difference. This is why I keep doing what I do!

What I won’t do!

In some instances certain combinations of child restraints and cars just aren’t compatible. If I have the smallest doubt that this may be the case, I will not fit your child restraint. My golden rule: ‘If I won’t put my own child in a restraint, then I won’t put yours in either’ In some instances I have no choice but to walk away from a job – A tough decision but without doubt… the right one.