Car Seat Fittings and Installations in Melbourne Australia

Have you fitted your child restraint correctly? If in doubt, don’t risk it. Have it checked NOW by an accredited EXPERIENCED fitter.

Having your first child and hence you require your first baby seat installation or advice on what to buy? Pete strongly advises that you always have your first baby car seat installation done by a professional car seat installer. This provides the parent/carer with a benchmark level education on what is expected pertaining to correct installation and ongoing use of a baby car seat.

When considering baby car seat installation cost, CarSafeKids is definitely not the cheapest. However, Pete is very experienced and has been trained by the best. Pete offers a mobile car seat installation service to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and also offers fittings at his home in Blackburn.

When considering Melbourne’s child restraint installers or car seat installers, CarSafeKids is considered one of the best mobile car seat installation services in Melbourne.

Car seat installation near me? If you are out of my mobile zone, I can generally advise you on how you can find your nearest baby seat installation professional in Melbourne. The find-a-fitter (KidSafe VIC) or find-a-provider (ACRI) links are a great place to start. Or come to me in Blackburn.

What difference does using an accredited, experienced child car seat fitting service make? It means that you can trust that your child or baby car seat fitting is secure and correct without leaving anything to chance. At CarSafeKids, the safety of your child is paramount.

Keeping kids safe is what CarSafeKids do. It is so important that you don’t compromise on safety when it comes to your child or baby car seat fitting. Getting a professional child car seat installation service is made easy with Pete’s expertise and mobile service options. CarSafeKids’ child car seat installation services is considered one of the best in Melbourne. Call Pete now for all of your baby car seat fitting needs.

CarSafeKids… Keeping Kids Safe!

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