Car Seat Fittings and Installations in Melbourne Australia

What is the most fitted baby car seat and therefore perhaps the best baby car seat in Australia?

When it comes to choosing the best baby car seat in Australia available to you, consulting with the experts is the first step. CarSafeKids and Pete’s years of experience in finding the most fitted baby car seat and the most secure options can help you in your journey keeping your little ones safe on the road.

CarSafeKids’ accredited baby car seat fitting is backed by ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative) and Kidsafe Victoria. Don’t leave things to chance when it comes to safety… if you’re interested in exploring options and finding the best, most fitted baby car seat suited to your family’s needs, get in contact with Pete today.

In Pete’s opinion, the Britax Millenia is the most fitted baby car seat in Australia. When considering the options for a small baby car seat, the Britax Graphene comes in a close second.

Are these two seats considered to be the best baby car seats and hence possibly the safest baby car seats in Australia?

The following is Pete’s opinion pertaining to baby car seats in Melbourne.

Many manufacturers claim to have the safest but remember that ALL child restraints in this county have to pass stringent testing before being made available for use. So what baby car seat in Melbourne does Pete consider to the safest?

A baby car seat that is fitted correctly, used correctly and is suitable for the child travelling in it is paramount for creating the safest possible scenario for your child’s journey. Further to this, the ongoing use of the baby car seat should be easy for any carer to manage. It is for all of these reasons that Pete highly recommends the Britax range as being the best available car seats in Australia (Pete’s opinion).

For Pete’s views on the Britax Millenia, why not review his post on the product? The full blog can be found here.


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