Car Seat Fittings and Installations in Melbourne Australia

What do we charge?

  1.  Car seat  — $60 (includes a $20 travel fee)
  2. Car seats — $100 (includes a $20 travel fee)
  3. Car seats — $120
  4. 4    Car seats — $160
  5. Car seats — $200

Note: Car seat fittings are calculated at $40 per seat. A travel fee of $20 is added to bookings of one & two fittings. The travel fee is removed for three or more fittings. Note that Pete regrettably has had to reduce his mobile operating area due to increasing petrol prices and other factors. Call, email or sms Pete directly to find out whether or not you are in his area of operation.

Price includes:

  • 1 gated buckle per seat (if required)
  • 1 anchor point per seat (if required)
  • Full explanation and demonstration for each child restraint/booster fitted
  • Each installation will be setup and adjusted for your child/children
  • Certificate given for all installations

Additional parts that can be required:

  1. $25 300mm Upper Tether Extension
  2. $25 600mm Upper Tether Extension
  3. $40 Capsule Upper Tether replacement

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