Car Seat Fittings and Installations in Melbourne Australia


Pete has been professionally installing child restraints in Melbourne for over sixteen years. Originally receiving all of his training with Baby Bunting, Pete then went on to work part-time with the store chain for over ten years whilst simultaneously running his own successful mobile service.

As a father of four, Pete is extremely passionate about what he does. As a result, he offers the following advice:

  • Always have your first restraint fitted by an experienced accredited fitter. This provides the parent/carer with a benchmark level and education of what is expected pertaining to correct installation and ongoing use of the restraint.
  • Angles are extremely important for newborns. Ensure your fitter uses a gauge to check this during the installation process. No exceptions!
  • Don’t know what to buy? Manufacturers can offer financial incentives in the industry for retail outlets. This creates favouritism towards some products. Ask a fitter for non bias advice on what best suits your needs. Fitters know best!
  • Multiple seats in your car? Ask a fitter, fitters know best!

What Pete will do:

Pete will be honest, courteous, punctual and will always clean up after himself.

Pete is one of the few fitters in Melbourne to be accredited by Australian Child Restraints Resource Initiative (ACRI) and KidSafe (VIC). This ensures your child restraints will be installed correctly.

What Pete won’t do:

In some instances certain combinations of child restraints and cars just aren’t compatible. If Pete has the smallest doubt that this may be the case, he will not fit your child restraint.

Pete’s golden rule: ‘If he won’t put his own child in a restraint then he won’t put yours in either’ In some instances he has no choice but to walk away from a job — A tough decision but without doubt… the right one.

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